Create intuitively some beautiful dashboards in SaaS for FREE!

Self-Service-Dashboard Features


Simple and intuitive interface

The agile interface of Self-Service Dashboard allows you to create dashboards in minutes without any technical knowledge.

  • Create them with easy “drag & drop”
  • Use a simple and effective menu

The secured SaaS 

Work with URLs such as OData, Google, or REST, in SaaS safely! You keep your data at home, so their security is ensured.

Indeed, the data does not transit on our servers, but are requested directly on the browser to the dialing server positioned in your home.

  • The data remain in your servers 
  • Self-Service Dashboard never has access to your password
  • 100% SaaS
  • Or inject your data from your One Drive account from Microsoft.

How URLs: REST, OData, or Google work?


Explore & integrate your dashboards

All your teams access interactive, simple and beautiful dashboard.

  • Use the “drill down” to access the detail of the information
  • Link your different graphs in seconds
  • Integrate your dashboard directly in your Web Portal, ERP, etc. through a simple iFrame.

Responsive on any devices

Access to your dashboards anywhere, anytime.

  • Responsive: Configure yourself the viewing for all your media or use the one by default
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Compatible with all browsers
tout support

Free! But with Self-Service DATA it’s better!

Use Self-Service DATA and create your URLs from all your databases and inject them into Self-Service Dashboard.

Moreover, you will have a Web Portal in order to share all your URLs with your users.

In addition, your dashboard will no longer display any advertising.

Benefit of Self-Service Dashboard

SaaS for 100% flexibility

The SaaS allows you to have fool proof flexibility. Not only you don’t need to install anything but you also can log to your account from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

SAAS multisupport

The end of the strategies defined groping

Make decisions with concrete and detailed data! Create, use interactive dashboards updated in real time and accessible at any time from any device. You can easily anticipate developing trends, and take the required decision, eliminating the approximate predictions.

A reflection of your activity in real time

Access to interactive dashboards allows you to give visibility into key information of your business. You can identify problems or opportunities hidden behind the information. Thus in real time, you get a true reflection of your business to make the right decisions!

Votre entreprise en temps réel

Optimize your processes

With quick access to interactive dashboards and detailed analysis, you can easily detect the points that require special attention. Information that would be unnoticed makes sense when viewing! Your team also shares a common visibility into real-time information which allows a better collaboration. No more time spent discussing the figures up to the strategic team decisions.

Integrate your dashboards to your ERP, Web Portal, Etc…

Through a simple URL link, you can integrate your dashboards into your CRM , Web Portal , etc .


A better anticipation of the future

Access to the history of your information and key information in real time allows you to anticipate the future, identify development opportunities and anticipate trends quickly to keep ahead of the competition!

Foolproof security

Your dashboards are built through OData link, REST or Google, the link between the dashboard and your data goes directly between your device and your server, no information passes through our SaaS server. 

The encrypted authentication is done between your device and your data server. Thus the SaaS server will never have access to your information.


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